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1 Uploading of My Documents my_documents.pdf 1185.05
2 Online e-Bid Submission single_cover_bid_submission.pdf 4378.11
two_cover_bid_submission.pdf 3784.54
three_cover_bid_submission.pdf 5515.87
four_cover_bid_submission.pdf 3064.12
3 Online Bid Withdrawal bid_withdrawal.pdf 1288.88
4 Online Bid Re-submission bid_resubmission.pdf 3405.16
5 Clarifications (Tender Status, My Archive...) enquiry.pdf 1514.09
6 Trouble Shooting troubleshoot_document.pdf 50.06
7 BoQ Preparation Guidelines BoQ_Help_Bidder_ItemRate.pdf 949.95
BoQ_Help_Bidder_ItemWise_Tax.pdf 1103.57
BoQ_Help_Bidder_Percentage.pdf 1327.41
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