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S.No e-Published Date Bid Submission Closing Date Tender Opening Date Title and Ref.No./Tender ID Organisation Chain
1. 23-Jan-2018 02:45 PM 24-Jan-2018 09:45 AM 24-Jan-2018 10:15 AM [Computer Purchase] [RTC/Purchase-003/2017-18][2018_NICTR_54595_1] NIC_Training  
2. 17-Jan-2018 09:00 AM 24-Jan-2018 01:00 PM 24-Jan-2018 02:00 PM [SALE OF HOUSE SITE] [DEMO/3253/DTNHS/2018][2018_TNCHF_54512_1] TamilNadu Cooperative Housing Federation  
3. 23-Jan-2018 05:30 PM 24-Jan-2018 01:00 PM 24-Jan-2018 01:05 PM [Demo Tender for Supply works] [HSCL / Demo / Supply / e091][2018_NIC_54598_1] NIC  
4. 10-Jan-2018 03:00 PM 24-Jan-2018 02:00 PM 31-Jan-2018 05:00 PM [Supply of stationery] [200/17-18][2018_EPCKL_54439_1] Department of Electronics and Information Technology||eGovernment Procurement (KL)||Departmental Users  
5. 17-Jan-2018 09:00 AM 24-Jan-2018 02:00 PM 24-Jan-2018 04:00 PM [sale of shop site] [DEMO/3/2018/SNSS/3252][2018_TNCHF_54511_1] TamilNadu Cooperative Housing Federation  
6. 19-Jan-2018 10:00 AM 24-Jan-2018 06:55 PM 24-Jan-2018 06:55 PM [housekeeping] [testabc59][2018_NIC_54552_1] NIC  
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